quick and easy spring cleaning list (1)Spring is getting closer, and if you’re like you most people, that means it’s time for spring cleaning. However, we know that everyone is busy. While you want and work hard to have a clean house, you just don’t have time to empty out everything and clean every nook and cranny in your house like our grandmothers did. If you want to do a good spring cleaning that takes care of the most important places in your home, what should you clean?

At Chem-Dry Windy City, we pride ourselves on being home cleaning experts, and so we put together a list of the most important places in your home that need cleaning. If you’re on a tight a spring cleaning schedule, make sure you take care of these places and call it good.

1. Tile

We know that you sweep and mop your tile flooring regularly. Take this time to deep clean your tile. Your tile, from the tile on your floor to the backslash in your kitchen to the shower walls, is porous and acts like a magnet for dirt, dust, and grimy particles. Plus, as water is allowed to sit on these surfaces, mold can flourish (especially is rooms with a lot of water, like bathrooms). The mold and other grime in your tile can cause health issues in addition to discoloring your beautiful tile and grout. Take the time to deep clean your tile and grout, using a specialty cleaner. Be sure to really scrub. If you’re worried about your tile, a professional tile cleaner can take care of it for you and clean deeper than you’ll be able to. 

2. Appliances

Once a year, give your appliances care and attention. Take the time to go through your fridge and remove any expired food, then wipe any crumbs or spills, and do the same for your freezer. Be sure to use an anti-bacterial cleaner to kill any germs. Your washing machine and your dishwasher wash your clothes and dishes respectively, but how often do you wash them? They make washing machine and dishwasher cleansing products that you can usually throw in the machine and turn the machine on to clean easily. Also, take the time to clean the filter on your dishwasher. Your manual will tell you how to get to it, and you’ll be surprised at how much food and gunk is in there. Also, clean any spills in your oven, and take the time to move it and clean behind it if you can.

3. Upholstered Furniture

Your furniture gets used every day, but how often do you clean it? Upholstered furniture including sofas, love seats, recliners, and dining room chairs provide a cozy haven for dust mites, as well as any spills and stains that may have occurred. To reduce dust build-up, thoroughly vacuum your fabric-covered furniture and wash any removable upholstery covers in hot water, letting them air dry. if you have tough stains, a professional furniture cleaner will be able to help you get your furniture like new. 

4. Carpets and Rugs

Like your furniture, your carpets and rugs hold onto dust and dirt, as well as anything that you may have stepped in and carried in on your shoes. If you have pets, you might have pet urine and other bacteria in your carpets, and if you have kids, you probably have spills, stains, and other spots that need attention. It’s not enough just to vacuum your carpets and rugs. You should have a professional carpet cleaner come and eliminate bacteria, allergens, dirt, and stains. If you have rugs, be sure to pick up the rugs and clean the flooring underneath them as well while you spring clean. 

5. Windows, Curtains, and Blinds

Another place in your home that probably needs attention is your windows and window treatments. Clean your windows inside and out. Also remember that your curtains and blinds accumulate a lot of dust. Clean your blinds by closing them in one direction and rubbing a dust rag over them, and then close them the other way and repeat. Check the care tags on your curtains. Many curtains can be washed in your home washing machine on a gentle cycle, while others need to be dry cleaned. 

6. Mattress

Even though you change your sheets often, the average mattress holds up to 10,000 dust mites, along with sweat and other things you don’t want to cozy up to at night. Remove your bedding and wash it. Then vacuum your mattress thoroughly and turn it over. If you can’t completely flip your mattress (such as if it’s a pillowtop bed), rotate it. Next, focus on your pillows. Many pillows can be washed and dried. Make sure to wash two pillows at a time and place them on opposite sides of the washer to evenly distribute them. Wash them on a gentle cycle. When you put them in the dryer, once again evenly distribute them. Take a clean tennis ball or even a ball of socks and put it in between the pillows. As the dryer spins, the ball will fluff your pillows back up and help them maintain their shape. 

7. On Top of Furniture

It’s easy to overlook the top of tall furniture and cabinets. Take the time to dust your bookcases, entertainment centers, cabinets, and any other high surfaces. Even though you cannot see the dust that accumulates there, it builds up and pollutes your air, so be sure to take care of it. Also dust any other high surfaces, like your ceiling fan blades. 


There you have it. If you want to get a quick and effective spring cleaning done, focus on these seven tasks. You’ll be done and have a cleaner and healthier home in no time. And if you need help cleaning your carpets, furniture, or tile in the Chicago area, give Chem-Dry Windy City a call!